Mother-Daughter Memories from Bali


While this post is LONG overdue, I still believe it is so important for me to write. As many of you know, I spent a month in Bali to get my yoga teacher certification. It was a deeply personal experience and I left with not only a new sense of self, but also 40 new amazing friends from all over the world who taught me more about life than I could have ever imagined.

Our conversations covered a wide range of topics and, to my surprise, mother-daughter relationships was a recurring theme. It made me realize that the magic of mother-daughter relationships is truly universal and our connections and influences are undeniable. Throughout teacher training, I captured in my journal the mother-daughter stories and relationship reminders that my friends shared with me. They were so incredible I just had to devote a post to share them with you! Here are just a few:


Meet Kim from Australia. Kim and her mom got into frequent debates about “who loved the other one more” until they finally settled it – they now say “Love you infinity!” Kim’s mother bought her this infinity necklace so she can always be reminded of her mom’s love. Kim has such natural maternal instincts and was constantly looking out for others during our training; while I haven’t met her mom, I can only imagine that’s where she gets her incredible kindness from!


Meet Savannah from Canada. Savannah travels a lot but often talks about her special bond with her mom and family back home. Savannah and her mom got matching tattoos based off of her grandma’s favorite Catholic poem called Footsteps. Savannah’s tattoo says “It was then that you carried me…” and her mom’s tattoo says “It was then that I carried you…” I love it! So beautiful and it reminded me of my matching rings with my mom which we talked about in our relationship reminder post


Meet Yui from Japan. A few years ago Yui was going to a big wedding party and wanted something red to wear to spice up her outfit. Yui’s mom made her this beautiful red bow, inspired by the Japanese cartoon character Kiki who wears a similar hairdo! I love this picture of Yui since she looks so beautiful and it really shows her playful personality; I know her mom must be so proud.


Meet Gabby from Canada. Gabby is very close with her mom and pestered her to get a matching tattoo for quite some time. One day they were sitting in a coffee shop and after a little probing on Gabby’s end, they decided to just do it! They got matching hearts on their wrists to show their love for one another. This story definitely exemplifies Gabby’s easygoing nature, spontaneity and go-with-the-flow attitude. After hearing this story, I’m guessing her mom is similar!


Meet Audrey from France. While Audrey has been traveling for some time and doesn’t see her family that often, I could tell from the very beginning that she had a special relationship with her mom. One night we were sitting around after class and I noticed she started drawing smiley faces on her knees. I quickly discovered Audrey’s mom  puts smiley faces on everything – lunchbox cards, little notes, etc.! Sometimes Audrey just catches herself drawing them in honor of her mom.

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