Meet Linda and Jocelyn

Jocelyn and Linda

Meet Linda, Jocelyn’s mom.

My mother is an eternal optimist. She is always bright, always welcoming, and always wears a smile and her heart on her sleeve. She is honest and kind, and she goes out of her way to let you know that she loves you and cares.

What I admire most about her is…

Her unending wonder for the world and love of people and spending quality time with the ones she loves.

My favorite thing to do with her is…

Just hanging out – talking walks, lounging by the pool, playing scrabble. She is fun no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Ways we are most similar…

We both enjoy getting to know people and being social.

Ways we are most different…

I am much more opinionated and vocal. She is more laid back and pleasing.

I think our mother-daughter relationship is so special because…

We respect each other’s differences and appreciate each others strengths. We aren’t afraid to challenge each other and we always try to understand each other. Above all, we always come to each other with love and support.

Meet Jocelyn, Linda’s daughter.

My daughter, Jocelyn is a beautiful lady that is passionate about helping less fortunate people to better their lives. She has worked very hard to be in her profession and those whose lives she touches will definitely benefit by her knowledge and education. Jocelyn also is enjoying being a mother of her soon to be 2 yr. old daughter, Iyla. I was so happy that she had a little girl so that she would understand my love for her. I am so proud of all her accomplishments, so far. I know that she will keep growing and learning and being the best person she can be. I love my little girl and I love the woman she is.

What I admire most about her is…

I admire most about Jocelyn the drive she has to achieve her goals. She never gives up or settles for anything less than her original goal. I know what an effort that takes.

My favorite thing to do with her is…

I think what I enjoy most is just getting to be together whether it being a trip, shopping or just a cup of coffee. I like having meaningful conversations about feelings, relationships, her work, and of course Iyla’s milestones.

Ways we are most similar…

We both have the same taste in clothes and love our daughters to the max.

Ways we are most different…

We have many differences. One is how we raise our children. I was a stay at home mom and she is a working mom which definitely makes a difference. Not better or worse, just completely different. I believe in smacking hands over yelling, or repeatedly moving the hands telling the child no. I do not believe in punishing out of anger though. However, I am open minded to watch her do it her way and see how it works out. I believe the a quick smack on a diapered or even a non-diapered rear end is an effective form of punishment. I raised 4 children and they were always welcome anywhere because they were so well behaved.

I think our mother-daughter relationship is so special because…

I think our relationship is special because we make such an effort to try and understand what the other one feels. If we disagree, we talk about it and learn and grow closer because we are still learning about each other now that we are both women.



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