Little Things

No deep thoughts, ruminations or philosophies here.  This week we’re talking little things – little whimsical things about each other that we love, that annoy us, that delight us.  Enjoy!


1.  When I see little ringlets escape from Jenna’s hair piled high on her head, it reminds me of her blond curls when she was a child.

2.  I describe Jenna’s feet as “meaty.”  For a slender woman, she has a darn good foundation!  They’re size 9.5, wide and fleshy.

Jenna's feet

3.   While Jenna chides me for my boisterous laugh, she has a pretty hearty laugh herself.  I love it.


4.  Jenna is a “grazer” and she is known to leave a trail of sunflower seeds on the floor and half-opened containers in the refrigerator.

5.  Jen’s new yoga attire is balloon pants from Bali. They look so comfy and exotic. I wish she brought home a pair for me.

Jenna in balloon pants

6. Jenna is great with children. She’s calm, engaging and authentic.  No squeaky high voices like her mom.

Jenna with Jonah

7.   I love when Jenna gets jazzed about something:  Her eyes light up and her mega-watt smile spreads across her face.

Jenna jazzed

8.  Jenna’s love of reading and learning was apparent as a young child. During reading hour at the library, Jenna would prance around, flap her arms with excitement at the story and walk up to the librarian so that she could see the pictures more closely.

9.  Jenna’s a lefty and her handwriting resembles the scribble of a five year old.

10.  Jenna started running long-distance for fitness and stress relief in college.  She has a 10K, a few 10 milers, 2 half-marathons, a triathlon and a mud run under her belt. Oh, and the famous panty run in DC!

Mud run



1. My mom is known to get food in her hair on a pretty frequent basis – not sure how this happens since her hair is rather short! When it happens to me, I often say I’m “pulling an Ellen.”

2. This blog is not the only thing that my mom writes. She also pens personal essays and has been published several times in literary journals.  You can check out some of her writing at:

3.  My family has lovingly given my mom the new nickname “Bucky.” When she is really excited or happy, she shines this ridiculously big grin   and her two front teeth become more pronounced as if she had buck teeth.

4.  My mom has virtually no interest or knowledge in sports – which is quite disappointing to me because I’m a sports fanatic. While I have tried to explain the rules of football to her time and time again, she never seems to grasp any of the concepts. We have a ton in common, but this is one area where we couldn’t be more different!

5.  In college, my mom’s friends called her “metal mouth” because of her crazy high threshold for eating and drinking hot things. I’ve acquired this talent as well!

6. My mom has an enormous turtle tchotchke collection that started over a decade ago and has gotten a bit out of control.  One day our family friend’s daughter walked around our house counting the turtles and found nearly 100! Lately, my mom has been giving her turtles for good luck to people she cares about, especially when they are entering an exciting life change. If you stop by my apartment, you will see many turtle traces as well!


7.  My mom is a notorious napper. Ever since she started working for herself almost 15 years ago, you can find her curled up on our couch most days between 5-6 PM.

8.  I love watching my mom when she first sees me after a long time apart – she has the biggest grin on her face and while I know she would love to attack me with the biggest hug, she usually catches herself and slows down to avoid hurting me too much with her tight squeeze!

9.  If my mom has some free time, you can almost always find her somewhere in nature – walking, bike riding, gardening, golfing – and even napping. :)  She has been much happier since she started spending her winters in Florida because she can now spend time outdoors year round.


10.  My mom is a fantastic artist! Over the years, she has explored acrylic painting, mosaic art and most recently, calligraphy. I have some of her artwork in my apartment and friends are always floored to find out she created them since her paintings look so professional. I’m not sure how she manages to squeeze in the time for artistic endeavors, but I certainly appreciate the gifts (as do many of our other friends and family!)


Do you have any little things about your mother or daughter that you want to share? Leave a comment!

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