Meet Laura and Mindy


Meet Laura, Mindy’s mom.

My mom is an extremely caring, patient, beautiful, loving woman. She has not had it easy with struggles and loss along the way, yet has shown strength and commitment to her family through it all. She enjoys gardening with my dad, cooking delicious meals and freezing enough to last for years ;) and has a great talent for re-purposing and remaking items from old material, i.e. pillows, purses, and jewelry. She is a wonderful teacher to us, her children, and her students of all ages; amazing at shopping sales and very generous with sharing her findings, which works out well for me!

What I admire most about her is…

I admire her strength and unwavering love through many difficult family times and with the constant stress surrounding my dad’s health. She handles it with incredible will, even if that comes with rarely showing its effects. I admire her thoughtfulness to others and ability to host wonderful gatherings for family and friends.

My favorite thing to do with her is…

Shop and eat :)

Ways we are most similar…

We are similar in our sensitivity to dealing with negative events and behaviors from others. We have a tendency to take things personally and take offense. We’ll dwell and both need our husbands’ matter-of-fact personalities to help us realize it’s not worth it and to try and move on.

Ways we are most different…

Although we are sensitive in similar ways, I tend to be more vocal in dealing with said events. I try to speak my mind and feel I need to be heard to move past something whereas I think my mom would rather keep the peace. I think I’m also more adventurous when it comes to risk taking. YOLO ;)

I think our mother-daughter relationship is so special because…

Our relationship is special because we are honest with one another and value our individual qualities. We also love sharing clothes! It’s special and awesome to be the same size! It’s special because my mom had already lost her mom when she was my age (younger in fact), so many things are firsts for us both and that much more appreciated.

Meet Mindy, Laura’s daughter.

My daughter Mindy is extraordinary… she is beautiful: inside and out. She is thoughtful, caring, funny, sweet and creative. She is an exceptionally talented dancer.

What I admire most about her is…

I admire Mindy’s quick wit, tenacity and determination.

My favorite thing to do with her is…

I love to laugh with Mindy.

Ways we are most similar…

We are both organized and detail oriented and share the love and talent of dance.

Ways we are most different…

Mindy is more assertive than I am.

I think our mother-daughter relationship is so special because…

I was 23 when my mother passed away so I cherish having the privilege of having a daughter. We respect each other’s views and are open and honest with one another. We support each other emotionally and proudly say we truly like each other.



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