Christine's daughter Elissa and her sons, Marsden (4) and Roman (1)

Christine’s daughter Elissa and her sons, Marsden (4) and Roman (1)

Christine Brown, MDF follower, recently posted a comment on our blog, The Next Generation Begins!  Her thoughts were so beautifully expressed, we had to share:  

“Being a Grandma is spectacular on many levels. I am a Grandma to my daughter Elissa’s beautiful boys…I fell in love, as I did when my two babies were born. It’s magic,really. An entire part of my life raising children flashed brightly with a new light, illuminated by the sparkle of my Elissa entering Motherhood. Her beautiful heart, creative spirit and intelligence will expand and flow to her children just as she will discover a new circle of love, deep within her heart. As her Mother…this chapter is another step in the letting go process. Of course, I will be there for her, love and nurture her. I will do my best to give advice only when she asks! :)”

Do you have a Daughter who is a Mother?  How does that make you feel and how has it impacted your mother-daughter relationship?