We contacted Janette and Jordan a few months ago after we got hooked on their mother-daughter lifestyle blog, The 2 Seasons.  They were so gracious in welcoming us to Blogland and sharing their story (and their tips).  If you’re handy and creative, you’re going to love trying out some of their DIY decorating projects or if you’re like us, you’ll just watch them in awe as they transform simple into adorned, old into new, and bland into beautiful.  Here’s Janette and Jordan’s story and some blog links for you to sample…  

Hello, everyone! I am Janette, the mother half of the mother/daughter lifestyle blog called The 2 Seasons. My daughter Jordan and I have been writing our blog together for the past three years. We are so pleased that we met Ellen and Jenna virtually and that they invited us to guest post on their blog.


A few years ago I mentioned to Jordan that I would like to start a blog but didn’t know how. I have a degree in journalism and taught English and writing for 18 years. I missed writing and knew a blog would give me the opportunity to get back in touch with those skills. Jordan suggested we write one together and also offered to handle the technical side of it. That’s all it took! I live in the south in Kentucky, and Jordan lives in upstate New York. We have been married for over 40 years, and Jordan is somewhat of a newlywed. We had just down-sized from the family home in the suburbs to a downtown townhouse. Jordan and her husband had just purchased their first home together. We decided we were in two different seasons of our lives, and that’s how we came up with the blog’s name.


We started our blog as a hobby, but now we treat it like a part-time job. We publish five days a week and write about all types of topics that interest us: decorating, before and after projects, food, travel, book reviews, budget fix-ups, helpful tips, etc.

Trick or Tea

Jordan and I have always had a close relationship. We never really went through that awkward power-struggle stage that many mother/daughter duos experience. We have done a lot of traveling together internationally, but the most challenging trip was a bicycle ride that we took in Europe and Africa. Jordan left from the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Three weeks later with my bicycle in tow, I met up with her in southern Spain and together we rode to Dakar, Senegal. She spent 10 weeks pedaling, and I spent seven. That trip was full of challenges including sleeping in a tent almost every night, experiencing 110 degrees and white-outs in the Sahara desert. You can learn more about us by reading the About section on our blog.


We thought it might be nice to give you some links to some of the decorating projects we have tackled together in Jordan’s home. She and Mr. Spring live in a 1928 craftsman bungalow. Although it was in good condition when they purchased it, they wanted to put their own stamp on it. That’s where I came in as free labor. We hope you enjoy reading about it. If you would like to keep up with us, you can like us on Facebook, (there’s a link on our blog), or check in with us Monday through Friday at The 2 Seasons.

House Tour - The 2 Seasons

Jordan’s Kitchen Update



House Tour- The 2 Seasons

Back Porch Transformation on a Budget



House Tour - The 2 Seasons

Basement Laundry Update

You can see complete home tours of both of our homes on the blog. Thanks again, Ellen and Jenna.

 Take care.