Photos are great reminders of happy times together. But some mother-daughter pairs cherish other things that remind them of their special relationship.  Here are some ways that we honor our mother-daughter connection:


When my mother passed away, I assembled all my photos of her into one album, so when I need a “mom fix,” I know where to go.  But when I want to really feel her presence, I wear a necklace with a heart-shaped locket and her photo inside, or I take a walk in a nearby park. Two years ago, while I was walking there, I saw a lone tree with all of its leaves completely still, except one.  That single leaf was rapidly swaying back and forth in the sunlight as if it was trying to get my attention by waving frenetically. I immediately thought of my mother, believing that the dancing leaf was a sign from her. Since that time, along the same path, I’ve seen multiple butterflies and other signs that prompt me to think about my mother.


At home, photos of Jenna and me keep our loving relationship front and center.  My home office is a bit of a “Jenna shrine” with photos of us on my desk, bookcase and wall.  But when I want to really feel her presence — at times when I wish she were with me– I wear a ring that she gave me as a gift when she graduated college.  Bought in Israel, it’s a hammered silver band with our Hebrew names (Golda and Shoshana) carved on the inside and a beautiful saying in Hebrew on the outside.  The words translate to: “You’ll always be with me, you’ll always be in my heart, my daughter.”  Jenna has the identical ring but hers says, “You’ll always be with me, you’ll always be in my heart, my mother.”  I love the fact that we both wear the same ring, and it is one of the most meaningful gifts Jenna has given me.



While pictures serve as a great reminder of my late grandmother and mom, I feel more connected to the women in my life when I think about the things that they love. For example, my grandmother loved lilacs so I often bought my mom lilac flowers or scented candles around Mother’s Day so we could feel closer to her.  And when I think of things my mother loves, one thing comes to mind – turtles.


Many years ago when my mom was on a trip to Hawaii, she learned that turtles mean “long life and health.”  She quickly declared that she wanted to begin collecting turtles and the collection began!  Since that auspicious trip over ten years ago, our home has been overtaken by turtles of every size, shape, material and color.  She has turtles made out of crystal, stone, wood, glass, ceramic, seashells, metal, leather and fabric!

After turtles began to overtake our house, my mom started giving some away as a token of her love.  Each time I approach a major milestone, my mom tells me to go over to her collection and choose a new turtle as a good luck charm.  Now turtles flood my home too – they are on my walls, at my desk and even by my bed.  Last year she bought me a turtle necklace that I wear at important times when we are not together.  I love the comforting feeling grabbing the little turtle at my neck – it’s a great reminder of her constant love and support when I need it most.

Turtle 7

Turtle necklace

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