Lynn, an MDF follower and mom, wrote us seeking advice on a situation with her 36 year old daughter who she describes as “hurt and upset with me.” Mothers and daughters alike, please read her email and offer Lynn some words of wisdom in the comment section below!

Dear MDF,

My daughter and I have been disconnected for the past three weeks. She lives 3 miles up the road from me and works next door to me. She was hurt by me and I apologized and now I am hurt by her. I have invited her to lunch and asked her what she would like to do for her upcoming birthday in a few weeks. She was too busy for lunch and couldn’t commit for any birthday plans. My heart aches. I know that I am sensitive and am trying not to obsess. Easier said than done.  I’m losing sleep and stressed.  I know you understand that a mother’s love for her daughter is a force that has its own life.  Words of wisdom are appreciated.