My Mother, My Daughter, My Friend is a community where mothers and daughters come to share and learn from each other how to build relationships filled with respect, laughter and love.

Ellen is the mother, Jenna is the daughter, and we’re great friends.  Through 25 years, we’ve experienced ebbs and flows, tears and hugs–and many lessons learned.  Thankfully, we have made it through toddler tantrums, mommy hysterics, college meltdowns and menopause- and we’ve finally learned how to harness the amazing power of a mother-daughter friendship.  We want to create a conversation to empower other mother-daughters to explore their relationship, share what they’ve learned, and celebrate their unique and powerful bond.

In our blog posts, we introduce a topic, talk about it from our perspectives, and pose a question. Then it’s your turn to share.

There are guest bloggers– psychologists, authors, family members–and most importantly: you.

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With love,

Ellen and Jenna