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Meet Susie and Ashley

Meet my mom, Susie. Meet my best friend and Mom, Susie. She's the glue that holds our family together. I have never met anyone's mom who is quite as awesome as mine. Every single one of my friends tell me how cool she is, and how they wish they could be adopted. She is such [...]

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Soup’s On!

As the temperatures drop below freezing, we both like to warm up our insides with delicious soups. They’re easy to make, healthy, and if you make a big pot and freeze it in small containers, it can last a long time.  Ellen loves to make soup and the fridge is always stocked with Jenna’s favorites [...]

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5 Myths about Daughters that Moms Should Know

A few weeks ago, Ellen wrote "5 Myths about Mothers that Daughters Should Know." Now it's Jenna's turn to weigh in with her perspective on common misperceptions mothers have about their daughters. Daughters don’t appreciate their mothers. The Truth: It is so easy to treat the people we love the most…the worst. Unfortunately, moms get [...]

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5 Myths about Motherhood Daughters Should Know

After studying mother-daughter relationships for nearly three years, we noticed that there are  many underlying assumptions that we make about our mothers and daughters. This week, Ellen tackles some of these myths by sharing her own perspective on common misconceptions daughters have about their moms.  1. Mothering a daughter is natural and instinctive. The Truth: Wouldn’t [...]

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Meet Tracey and Sydney

Meet my mom, Tracey. My mother is strong, brilliant, and beautiful. She is an amazing mom, intelligent worker, wonderful tennis player, generous friend, and all around incredible woman. She is Godly and allows His light to shine through her and impact all the people around her. She is kind and compassionate, funny and light-hearted, hard-working [...]

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A Tribute to My Mom, Elaine

We want to offer women whose mothers have passed an opportunity to celebrate their mom’s legacies with the MDF community. We applaud MDF follower Karen for this first tribute to her mother Elaine, who passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2014 at age 86. During the interview, Karen spoke about her mom with candor (no [...]

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We’re Nuts about Coconuts

Jenna became a lover of coconuts a few years ago during her travels and Ellen followed, becoming a coconut convert after hearing about its nutritional and healing benefits. In this week’s post, we share our coconut stories, recipes and uses.   Ellen… Two years ago, I went to Philadelphia to take Jenna out to lunch [...]

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New Year, New Beginnings

For many years, Ellen started a tradition of traveling to Jenna’s for Rosh Hashanah to celebrate with her friends. This year, Jenna had a business trip to New York that coincided perfectly with the Jewish calendar so she spent the holiday at home in New Jersey. In this post, we both reflect on new traditions [...]

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Frugal Fashionistas

Time after time, we hear from mothers and daughters that shopping and sharing fashion tips are their favorite way to bond. We must admit: we are definitely not trendsetters, but we do share similar styles! This week, we take a closer look at how our personal styles are impacted by our mother-daughter-grand-daughter relationships. Ellen… Last [...]

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What I Would Have Done Differently

Child-rearing is tough, and we moms try to do our best. But of course we make mistakes, as our parents did. As our daughters transform into adult women, they flow through various phases that spark new behaviors, mindsets and moods. This week, we both reflect on decisions where we wish we could turn back time [...]

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