Fighting Fair

No matter how good your mother-daughter relationship is, there are bound to be times that conflict arises and anger swells. We're not talking fist-fights here, but arguments where the weapons are hurtful words. Check out one of our most popular posts on “ fighting fair.” What are your strategies for avoiding fights with your mother [...]

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Happy Anniversary MDF!

Wow, it’s been a year since we officially launched My Mother, My Daughter, My Friend! Fifty posts later, we’re here to tell you what we learned through this experience and share our hopes for the future. First of all, THANK YOU - yes, YOU- because you are reading this blog post! We are honored that [...]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Aren’t we all in pursuit of happiness for ourselves and those we care about? As mothers and daughters, we always want to see each other happy – but happiness can look very different for different people. This week, we talk about what happiness means for us individually and together as mother and daughter duo: Ellen… [...]

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Learning to Forgive

When feelings are hurt and emotions run high, it’s often hard to forgive – or ask for forgiveness. Often we don’t even pause to reflect on how our actions affect one another or take the time to formally apologize. But during Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday last week, we reflected on our wrongdoings over the [...]

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Shhh! Keeping Secrets

  Mothers and daughters occasionally discuss intimate things. In the early years, it’s typically the daughter asking the mother to keep a secret and later, when both mothers and daughters are adults, it can go both ways. This week we discuss how keeping secrets have impacted our mother-daughter relationship. Ellen… I’m sure that there are [...]

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Meriém and Marél

Meet Meriém, Meral's mom. She is from Italy and Spain and has that very open Mediterranean social spirit. Her hobbies (pottery & gardening) are followed with great passion and discussed in great detail during the preparation of our meals (large & wonderful home-cooked meals!). Upon meeting our Dutch father, while he was visiting Italy, she [...]

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Home Habits

Our moms raise us at home, but then we eventually go out into the world and create our own households, deciding which things we want to replicate and others which we want to change. This week, we talk about the home habits of our upbringing and the home(s) we’ve created or want to create for [...]

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Mindy and Laura

Meet Laura, Mindy's mom. My mom is an extremely caring, patient, beautiful, loving woman. She has not had it easy with struggles and loss along the way, yet has shown strength and commitment to her family through it all. She enjoys gardening with my dad, cooking delicious meals and freezing enough to last for years [...]

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Parallel Spiritual Paths

While we don’t advocate any particular religion or practice, we have experienced firsthand how spirituality can bring meaning to our lives. This week we talk about how we’ve independently tapped into our spiritual tendencies and have influenced each other along the way. Ellen… “Spiritual journey” - it's a cliché, but I don't know a better [...]

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Body Language and Mixed Signals

Combine the topic of body language with mothers and daughters and it conjures up all sorts of visions filled with emotion: the sulking teenager, the finger-pointing mother, the full-of-love bear hug. This week we discuss how we interpret each other's body language and how it impacts Penny facial the really, brand handle cib [...]

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