Little Things

No deep thoughts, ruminations or philosophies here.  This week we’re talking little things – little whimsical things about each other that we love, that annoy us, that delight us.  Enjoy! Ellen… 1.  When I see little ringlets escape from Jenna’s hair piled high on her head, it reminds me of her blond curls when she [...]

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Chris and Liz

Meet Chris, Liz's mom. My mom is the BEST! Not only did she raise 4 awesome kids (4th one being the best, cough cough), but now plays a huge role in raising 4 awesome granddaughters. She takes care of our entire family, her parents, AND her siblings. My mom is the most reliable, loving, caring [...]

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What Makes YOU Proud?

From a baby’s first step, moms cheer their girls on at every stage and bask in their accomplishments.  And if they’re lucky, daughters return that pride by viewing their mothers as role models.  Here we ruminate about the topic of pride: Ellen… Parents often say to their children, “I’m so proud of you” after they’ve [...]

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Bonding Through Yoga

You may or may not be interested in yoga - and that’s perfectly fine! We still think this topic is universally relatable because the evolution of our practices tell a great deal about our personal development as individuals and about our mother-daughter relationship. Here are our stories: Ellen… I’m not quite sure how it happened, [...]

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Time Together: How Much is TOO Much?

Ellen… Jenna came home from her three-month journey at the end of June and words cannot describe my delight at seeing her walk through the door. While she was weary from travel, her tanned face was radiant and loving and her hug was strong. It was a wonderful reunion and the wonder lasted another two [...]

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Mother-Daughter Memories from Bali

Jenna... While this post is LONG overdue, I still believe it is so important for me to write. As many of you know, I spent a month in Bali to get my yoga teacher certification. It was a deeply personal experience and I left with not only a new sense of self, but also 40 [...]

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Have a Nice Guilt Trip

A humorous book titled "Have a Nice Guilt Trip" has just appeared on the bookshelves and eReader lists.  This fourth book of an essay series written by best-selling author Lisa Scottoline and her daughter Francesca Serritella shares funny and warm stories about their family and how guilt is just a side effect of having and being a [...]

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Hugs, Kisses and…Hurt Feelings?

Mothers fondly remember the days when they could cuddle and embrace their baby daughters openly with unconditional love. However, there comes a time when welcomed hugs and kisses can become embarrassing and annoying to their daughters. This week we reflect back on affection throughout our relationship and discuss what it means to us today: Ellen… [...]

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Coming Home

In three short months, a lot has changed. Ellen has learned to let go and Jenna has come home with greater clarity about herself, her life’s mission and her relationships. Here are our thoughts about re-connecting after Jen's trip: Ellen… WOW, I can’t believe Jenna is coming home! (WOW, I will never say or write [...]

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Guest Post by Kimberly McCoy: Connecting when Ocean’s Apart

Inspired by the MDF posts Letting Go and Relationship Reminders, friend and follower Kim McCoy writes from Sweden about how she and her mom created a beautiful and lasting memory that connects them even though they're oceans apart: The oak chest stands in our bedroom. Like any other bureau, it contains the miscellaneous receipts, loose [...]

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