Patience is a Virtue

We both tend to move fast, talk fast and think fast.  So, we can lose our patience when something or someone gets in our way or doesn’t do things as quickly as we do. This week, we reflect on the benefits of patience and how we can take steps to achieve it. Ellen… I have [...]

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Don’t Forget to Call Your Mom

Read about 'My Mother, My Daughter, My Friend' in the latest issue of the Wharton Journal! Jenna shares why we started the blog, how it has impacted our relationship, and the importance of maintaining close family ties during stressful times:  

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Laura and Michelle

Meet my mom, Laura. She may be little but she has a big personality! She is the defender and protector of the family (sorry Dad!) - she is the person we all turn to when we have a problem. In her spare time, she loves to read and learn about any and every subject. She [...]

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Spirituality: How We Did

We made commitments at the beginning of September related to spirituality, and we have some high notes and mishaps to report.  We share with you this week the things we learned from both our accomplishments and failures. Ellen… My first intention was to read the book 60 Days by Simon Jacobsen which is designed to [...]

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Working Women

Our careers are a huge part of both our lives; however, this week’s New York Times article was another painful reminder of the struggles and inequities for women in the workplace. Luckily for us, we both love our work– we are passionate about our jobs and find them very fulfilling. This week, we talk about [...]

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Tapping into Our Spiritual Selves

This is one of our favorite topics because we have both explored our spirituality over the past few years – individually and together.  Our parallel journeys to find meaning in our lives have created a strong connection for us.  Since we are Jewish, we chose to reflect on spirituality this special month of the High Holidays. [...]

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How We Did: Compassion

How We Did: Compassion Ellen… I had several opportunities to practice compassion this month, and that’s unfortunate because it means I have friends and family members who are suffering. #1 A dear friend who moved from my home town to California over 20 years ago emailed me that her father had suffered a stroke.  Even [...]

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What’s in a Name?

People of different cultures and traditions select names for their children differently. Whether inspiration comes from a relative, role model or reference to pop culture, there is usually a great story behind a name! This week, we talk about our names and how they connect us to our family: Ellen… Like most pregnant couples, Jenna’s [...]

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Showing Compassion for Others

What’s the difference between compassion, kindness and empathy? Sometimes we use these words interchangeably. In this week’s post, we explore the meaning of compassion and set our new intentions for the month. Ellen… When I asked Jenna whether she wanted to tackle compassion or kindness in our August post, she responded that, since they were [...]

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Listening: How We Did

Improving our listening skills is important to both of us, so we worked really hard this month to make a difference. Read our post to find out how we did. Ellen… As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I am a great listener when it comes to Jenna. We have a similar communication [...]

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