A Letter to Ellen on Mother’s Day

Today is the big day! It doesn’t happen very often, but Jenna is writing alone this week to share her thoughts on Mother’s Day – mostly because some of the reasons she is grateful for Ellen this year are pretty counter-intuitive. Keep reading for Jenna’s thoughts on why tough love and "failures" are reasons to [...]

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April: How We Did on Health

From juice cleansing and running to meditation and foam-rolling, we were ambitious this month with our health intentions.  A bit too ambitious, it turns out.  Read this week's post to find out where we succeeded and where we fell short! Ellen… Intention 1: Increasing Aerobic Exercise I want to start with the good news: I met my [...]

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Our Other Mothers

Sometimes you’re lucky to have more than one “mama” in your life – another woman of the next generation with whom you have a special relationship.  You can confide in her and count on her as if she were your mother. We are both blessed with such relationships and wanted to share stories this week [...]

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April: Health

Maintaining our health, both physical and mental, is important to us. We both admit that we’ve fallen off the wagon a bit this winter, so we moved up the “health” topic in our blog calendar to refocus, set new goals and get back on track (no pun intended!). Here’s what we set out to accomplish [...]

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March: How We Did on Creativity

For the month of March, we committed to setting aside more time for creative activities.  This was tougher than we thought! Read how we did on our creativity goals: Ellen… Intention #1: Put aside one hour each week to create art. Setting aside time and space to be creative was a lot more difficult than [...]

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Mother-Daughter Entrepreneurs

Meet Anne and Sarah: Sarah's dream is to do retail and Anne's dream is to help young women balance their personal and professional lives. Find out how their dreams converged and this mother-daughter pair became business partners. What is Venable? Venable is a fun, light-hearted, simple way to shop. We curate the collection for a woman who wants to [...]

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March: Creativity

There are all sorts of ways to express creativity – some of our favorites include creating art, playing music, writing or even brainstorming new product or business ideas. But creativity primarily boils down to two things: either creating new things or thinking up new ideas. In this post, we share how we get our creative [...]

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February: How We Did on Optimism

For the month of February, we chose optimism as a character trait we wanted to focus on to improve ourselves and our relationship. This week, we report back on our experiences and lessons learned from this experiment. Check out how well we stacked up to our goals! Ellen… Intention #1: Start each day with a [...]

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My Rent-A-Kid

Not every mother-daughter relationship is a biological one.  After all, the American household is very diverse with grandparents, same sex parents and adoptive parents raising children as their own. Here we interview Diana who, along with her husband Dave, enrolled in the Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS) program and has enjoyed a mother-daughter relationship with [...]

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Chava and Devora

Meet my mom, Devora. My mother is a very nurturing and dedicated mother and wife. She is a fabulous homemaker who always made our house into a home. She loves to cook and bake and try new recipes. One of her favorite hobbies is to go to cooking and baking classes. She loves to have [...]

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