Seeking Advice from the MDF Community

Occasionally, we receive emails from women seeking advice on how to deal with a mother-daughter conflict they face. While we are not skilled in counseling or psychology, we feel compelled to respond by offering our opinion. Nothing more - nothing less, and of course, based on our own unique experiences. It occurred to us that [...]

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A Mother’s Day Surprise!

Mother’s Day is our favorite day of the year – and what better way to celebrate than recognize the amazing women in our MDF community! Every mother-daughter duo has its own unique, beautiful relationship, and we are so grateful for the women who have shared their stories with us.  To celebrate the mothers and daughters [...]

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The Call You Never Want to Receive

A few weeks ago, Ellen had a CT scan that showed a tumor in her ovary and another small mass in her abdomen that the radiologist reported as “suspicious.” The only way to know if it was cancerous was to do surgery. At that point, life as we knew it halted, and we went through [...]

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Kathy and Allyson

Meet my mom, Kathy. What I admire most about her is… I most admire my mother’s ability to do everything. My mom has worked in sales my entire life and when I was growing up, she remained extremely busy between taking care of the household and making sure I had everything I needed. I still [...]

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Guest Post: When My Daughter Became a Mother

My daughter and I are a lot alike. We share similar values: nurturing family ties, communicating openly, celebrating birthdays and holidays, taking care of our bodies with exercise and healthy food, vacationing together as a family and enjoying satisfying conversations with close women friends. Becoming a Grandma Thirteen years ago when my daughter was pregnant [...]

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Guest Post: My Mother, My Daughter, My Roommate

More and more young adults are moving back home post-college, which can be a big adjustment for both mother and daughter. MDF follower Lauren (daughter) recently moved home to make a career change; in this week's post, she and her mother Karen  share their thoughts about how their new living arrangement has impacted their relationship. [...]

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Learning From Our Mistakes

Last year, Jenna came home to visit Ellen for her spring break and it wasn't one of our best trips: Jenna left in tears and Ellen felt rejected and hurt. This week, we reflect on ways we tried to communicate better to ensure a relaxing, enjoyable visit this time around. Read this week's post to [...]

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Please Eat the Daisies

The headline “Please Eat the Daisies” caught my eye, and after I read the article announcing that a mother-daughter duo from Philadelphia was in Naples to lead a demonstration on creating edible centerpieces, I signed up immediately! You can imagine how delighted I was when I walked into the session last week and saw yet [...]

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The Food List

Jenna’s coming to visit this week!  The first thing on my mind is, “What should I make for dinner and what foods do I need in the house?” Why? Because I want to feed Jenna well (it’s part of being a mom!) and secondly, Jenna is gluten free.  Plus, she gets cranky if she opens [...]

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Guest Post: I Will Love You Unconditionally

Last week's blog post was a touching mother-daughter profile by Gretchen and Laura.  This week, Laura returns to share a candid story about her mother's unconditional love - one that gave her invaluable insight about herself and her other relationships. As a life coach, it is my distinct privilege to be privy to my clients' [...]

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