The Food List

Jenna’s coming to visit this week!  The first thing on my mind is, “What should I make for dinner and what foods do I need in the house?” Why? Because I want to feed Jenna well (it’s part of being a mom!) and secondly, Jenna is gluten free.  Plus, she gets cranky if she opens [...]

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From Generation to Generation – Part II

The world is moving at a rapid pace – and Baby Boomers and Millennials are responding differently to the dramatic shifts in the way we live. How do technology, globalization and female empowerment affect our mother-daughter relationships? Jenna shares her thoughts in this week’s post: It was enlightening to read my mom’s post last week. [...]

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From Generation to Generation – Part I

When we talk to mothers and daughters, their divergent views on communication, relationships and aspirations often stem from their generational differences. This week, Ellen shares how generational influences have  impacted the women in our family. Stay tuned next week to hear Jenna’s perspective! Ellen… This is a loaded topic that certainly affects all mother-daughter relationships. [...]

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Life Choices Part II

Last week, Ellen shared how her life choices affected her role as a mom. Now, Jenna describes how Ellen’s parenting is impacting the way she looks at some imminent life choices she will be making. This blog series could not come at a more perfect time – so many life choices are hanging over my [...]

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Life Choices – Part I

We both have a lot to say about this topic - so much that we decided to make it a two-part series! This week, Ellen shares her thoughts about how her life choices have impacted her role as a mom. Stay tuned for Jenna's perspective next week when she will share how Ellen has influenced her [...]

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Hopes and Dreams for 2016

It’s that time again – when January 1 rolls around, we look forward to a new start and think about the upcoming year. This week, we share our hopes for both our individual lives and our mother-daughter relationship in 2016. Ellen… In 2014, I banished New Year’s resolutions and replaced them with yogic intentions. Rather [...]

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Reflections on Our Year of Self-Development

In 2015, we took a different approach to blogging on My Mother, My Daughter, My Friend - we focused on personal development to improve our relationship with each other and with others by making monthly commitments to work on a character trait, together. After tackling generosity, optimism, creativity, health, mindfulness, listening, showing compassion, spirituality, patience, [...]

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Humility: How We Did

This month, we chose to work on humility, the 11th character trait in our year-long self-improvement journey.  As November comes to a close, we reflect on our efforts to become more humble: Ellen... My intention this month was to refrain from talking to others about my accomplishments. That turned out to be a relatively easy [...]

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Mothers, Daughters…and Technology

Do calls, email, and texts help mothers and daughters connect? Or have these tools become a poor substitute for real bonding? This week, we share the pros and cons of using technology to stay in touch. Ellen… I’ve been a die-hard Droid user for the past six years despite the fact that I’ve been out-voted [...]

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In November, we are focusing on humility, which is defined as a modest view of one’s importance. We think humility is a crucial trait to be good mothers, daughters, and contributing members of society. This week, we share our thoughts on the challenges of being humble and set intentions to work on this trait: Ellen… [...]

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