Sheila and Priya

Meet my mom, Sheila. My mom is an amazing business woman, homemaker and friend. She has been an incredible role model for me and my sister our entire lives- she is selfless, smart and one of the strongest people I know. Other than her family, the things she loves most in life are good bourbon [...]

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Laura and Michelle

Meet my mom, Laura. She may be little but she has a big personality! She is the defender and protector of the family (sorry Dad!) - she is the person we all turn to when we have a problem. In her spare time, she loves to read and learn about any and every subject. She [...]

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Shelly and Melissa

Meet my mom, Shelly. My mother is so special. She is constantly running around doing things for others. She will make yummy dinners , return packages, ask how your day is going and gives the best advice. She loves to exercise, see shows, play Mah Jong, get dinner with friends, be with her family and [...]

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Jill and Sophie

Meet my mom, Jill. What can I say, my mother is an incredible woman. She is accomplished not only in her many careers but in her relationships with people and in love. She has been a role model of excellence my entire life. What I admire most about her is… She is driven - SOOOO [...]

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Chava and Devora

Meet my mom, Devora. My mother is a very nurturing and dedicated mother and wife. She is a fabulous homemaker who always made our house into a home. She loves to cook and bake and try new recipes. One of her favorite hobbies is to go to cooking and baking classes. She loves to have [...]

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Susan and Liz

Meet my mom, Susan. She is a blast with a contagious laugh, never-ending ideas of new fun things to discover/do and overflowing with self-confidence. What I admire most about her is… With a background in political campaigns, she is uniquely skilled at identifying employee strengths and putting these to their most efficient use. With this [...]

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Eleanor and Deborah

Meet my mom, Deborah. My mom is amazing! She is an extraordinarily talented cook and baker. Her work out schedule would make Bruce Lee look like an amateur. She has this funny way of expressing her ideas; she will use her hands and arms to make gestures but she won't say anything and I will [...]

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Katie and Madeleine

Meet my mom, Madeleine. My mom is the most amazing person I know. We all call her wonder woman or Momma Bear because she literally does it all and still finds time to be the ultimate mom. In spite of being a high ranking executive at large multinational companies most of our lives, my brother [...]

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Meriém and Marél

Meet Meriém, Meral's mom. She is from Italy and Spain and has that very open Mediterranean social spirit. Her hobbies (pottery & gardening) are followed with great passion and discussed in great detail during the preparation of our meals (large & wonderful home-cooked meals!). Upon meeting our Dutch father, while he was visiting Italy, she [...]

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Mindy and Laura

Meet Laura, Mindy's mom. My mom is an extremely caring, patient, beautiful, loving woman. She has not had it easy with struggles and loss along the way, yet has shown strength and commitment to her family through it all. She enjoys gardening with my dad, cooking delicious meals and freezing enough to last for years [...]

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